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Vince Hase is a busy guy. He has a few projects near and dear to his heart. And, although one project is actually closer to his spleen, and may not be quite as dear as the others – he would never let on and hurt its feelings.

This website is a safe haven for the Vince-Curious. You may click the links below and explore these feelings and urges with no judgement or labeling. It’s perfectly natural to experiment.

Comedy is re-imagined as Vince’s brain explodes and all the pulpy bits spill into this podcast. Vince has Attention Deficit Disorder, multiple personalities, and a couple of STDs that were never tended to properly at the time of infection. In fact, since there are quite a few miles on this model, and he is well past his ‘sell-by’ date, you may want to listen quickly, before he drops dead.

History has been made with the finding of a literary treasure. A series of ill-conceived children’s books were green-lighted by the famed Stratemeyer Syndicate, but cancelled before shipping. It has been rumored that copies exist, but the parties involved have either been sworn to secrecy, or paid for silence – Until now, as the first book from this series has been found! Read this amazing piece of history, as the search continues for these lost treasures.

From Trek Mysteries

The Klingon Treasure

• More to come!

World Hunger. War. Poverty. Greed. Vince Hase pretty much ignores all that and writes about whatever is on his mind at the moment. Considering he has ADD, it could be anything: The current political landscape; insightful delvings into the social morays of modern religion; what he had for dinner last night, and how it was even better cold the next morning.

Slapping the stupid out of people since 2016.
Looking at the world, it’s obvious that the adults of today have learned nothing from the Children’s Television of yesterday. That’s where ABC Street comes in: The children’s show for adults. The cast of ABC Street go where no other Street ever dared. Daily.

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